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Moving Boxes
Moving is hard work!

I apologize for the lack of activity on this blog this past week. It has been nothing short of absolute craziness. I spent about 2 weeks packing up 10 years worth of built-up stuff, and then proceeded to spend the entire weekend trying to unpack to a level that was at least livable.

Please excuse the graininess of these photos! My computer is still not unpacked yet. We finally just got internet this past weekend. You’ll just have to live with iPhone pics for now. :)

On top of all that craziness, my sister had her baby last night!

Talk about a crazy week!

Anyway, I promise I will pick a winner for the giveaway very soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy a few snapshots of my new slightly-larger-than-before (though I actually think I have less storage space) tiny urban kitchen.
Kitchen appliances
The sous vide machine, espresso machine, and soda stream, hanging out on the counter (along with some egg creatures).
Jen's stove
Gas stoves! I’ve never cooked with gas in my life! I’m a bit afraid of the flame, but people who have gas swear by it and tell me I won’t ever go back to electric.

Only time will tell . . .


Bonus! Can you find the Totoro in the first pic?

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  1. says

    Ooh, you’re going to love the gas stove! And good luck setting up your new place! Setting up the kitchen should be fun for you at least, right? :)

  2. says

    Congratulations on the new baby and the new kitchen!  The stove looks fabulous…it’s destined for great things, I can tell.  And you will quickly come to love that little infinitely adjustable flame!

  3. Meister @ The Nervous Cook says

    Congratulations on the move and on becoming an aunt! What an exciting time this all is — and also, I’m sure, exhausting and stressful. 

  4. says

    On my first experience with a gas stove I burned four consecutive grilled cheese sandwiches. However, now that I’m back to ye ole’ electric, I long for the natural gas one back! You’ll love it, I promise, just watch out for blackened cheese sandwiches.

  5. Run Fast Travel Slow says

    I’m packing right now… I agree, how did moves get so complicated? And I’ll be eating scrambled eggs or cereal for this dinner this week because I’m not making anything more complicated. 

  6. jentinyurbankitchen says

    Most of the egg creatures were gifts! The first one I bought at a public market in Philadelphia, but I’ve seen the in all sorts of novelty shops. :)

  7. jentinyurbankitchen says

    Yep, I’ve been eating out almost every meal (or simple stuff like cereal and fruit). Hopefully I can finish unpacking my kitchen soon!

  8. Old Car says

    We love our gas stove very much.  Didn’t you try it when your were here last time?  It’s easy to use, especially for pan frying.
    Old Car

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