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Thanks all for participating in our Whole Foods Giveaway. Our winner is #36 Mabel!
Mabel said:
Mabel  3 days ago

I don’t usually eat frozen prepared foods. But if I do, I always buy asian brands or from an asian supermarket. A lot cheaper and better packaging! Have you seen some of the japanese ones? frozen Yaki Udon, mashed potato and sweet corn croquettes, red bean buns and meat buns!

Congratulations Mabel! And thanks to everyone else for participating. It was really fun to hear what you all do with your freezer!

As for me, just this past summer I was sort of “forced” to clean our my freezer when I accidentally received 64 pints of ice cream in the mail (no joke!).
It all turned out OK, but it’s taken me a while to rebuild inventory ever since getting all those pints!

Just for fun, I thought share what’s in my freezer right now (since so many of you were willing to share what’s in your freezers!).

I have tons of dried shitake mushrooms that my mom brought back from an “organic” farm in Taiwan (she even visited the farm herself!). I also have some USDA prime steak from Costco (we always keeps some on hand), bags of frozen fruit from Trader Joe’s for making smoothies, frozen bagels from H&H Bagles in NYC (I already ate all the St. Viateur ones from Montreal!), and other random things, like cooked rice, fresh noodles from Chinatown, and Chinese dumplings.

Have a wonderful week!

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