Winter in Vegas

Bellagio Fountains night
For the past five years, I have had the opportunity to visit warm Las Vegas in the middle of January, one of the coldest and (usually) snowiest months in Boston. I fight with the crowds that swarm upon this city every winter to witness the release of fancy new electronic gadgets, bigger-than-life TVs, and eye-popping 3D displays.

That’s right.

Bryan and I go to the Consumer Electronics Show each year for fun. (Yes, we actually take vacation days from our day jobs to attend this conference).

Of course, witnessing the latest and greatest new technology is only part of why we like coming to Vegas.

We come because my mom’s at the conference every year, so it’ fun to visit her in Las Vegas. Additionally, Bryan and I love watching the various shows in Vegas.  I think we’ve seen every single Cirque du Soleil as well as a couple magic shows.
L'Atalier de Joel Robuchon
Oh yes, how could I forget?  The food!

Admittedly, the restaurant prices on the Strip seem unreasonably expensive, marked up partly because Las Vegas is in the middle of desert (export costs); but also because the Strip is filled with deep expense account pockets, tourists, and those that hit the jackpot playing slots or some other casino games the night before.

Nevertheless, you can’t deny that the Strip has one of the most concentrated collections of really, really good restaurants in the nation. Many of the top chefs in the world have come here to make their mark. You can easily stay in Vegas for two weeks and not run out of good places to try.

Alas, that is why, even in 5 years, we have barely made a dent in our belt of “Vegas Restaurants.”

This Vegas series will focus on the new restaurants we visited this past January.  If you’re interested in seeing all of our past Vegas write-ups, click here.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the posts to come!
L'Atalier de Joel Robuchon
The more “casual” cousin from one of the world’s more famous chefs, holder of more Michelin stars than any other chef in history.
Buffet at Cosmopolitan
A buffet built on a concept that I really like – smaller, individually cooked portions that emphasize quality over quantity.
Max Brenner
S’mores tableside? This fun, chocolate-centric dessert bar hails originally from New York and actually resides in Boston as well!
Emirile LaGasse Table 10 in Las Vegas
One of Emeril LaGasse’s many restaurants in Las Vegas, this one was inspired by his original New Orleans eatery and focuses on market fresh vegetables.
Il Mulino in Las Vegas
It is virtually impossible to get a reservation at this iconic Italian restaurant in New York, which is why you come to Vegas! Fantastic food and an authentic experience has elevated this restaurant to become our new favorite Italian place in Vegas.

Enjoy the Vegas posts!

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  1. Taryn says

    hmm..the only one I can figure out is Rao’s…I’ve had their jarred sauce before and its delish! I NEED to know the name of that buffet with the individual portions!  :) 

  2. says

    Hi Jen! Long-time follower of your blog. As a fellow course 5 alum who loves cooking and eating out in Cambridge/Boston, I find your blog absolutely fascinating. I have, however a completely random question unrelated to food. It seems like you and Bryan take a fair number of trips to Las Vegas, and I’m flying there this summer (for PI reunion!)…do you by any chance know of any good deals that airlines would have? It’s hard to shell out $600 from my grad school salary without at least looking into some discounts/deals with hotels — any input? 

    Thanks much in advance!

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