Toaster Oven Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes

Happy Friday!

Autumn is definitely here, and it’s getting a lot colder in Boston!  The colors of the blog header reflect the change in seasons.  :) Brrrr!!! I took out my scarf, my gloves, and all my wool sweaters a few days ago!

Despite the cold weather, the farmers’ markets are still in full force here, with tomatoes, various squashes, pumpkins, and apples making a strong showing.


There’s this one Asian Farm stand at the Central Square Farmer’s Market that sells Thai basil, pea tendrils, bok choy etc. I love it!  Check out the Asian gourds they had last week.

The cold weather makes me want to turn on the oven so I can start roasting and baking.  It also makes me think of simple comfort foods, like roasted potatoes.  I love roasted potatoes, and they taste delicious with just some oil, sea salt, and a touch of truffle oil (optional).

 Scary Habaneros and Hen of the Woods mushrooms.  This mushroom was bigger than my head.

Here’s a great, simple way to make roasted potatoes – Tiny Urban Kitchen style – in the toaster oven!

I love using the toaster oven because it saves electricity, preheats much more quickly, and can free up the big oven for other uses.  Furthermore, everything (the pan, the food) is smaller, lighter, and easier to handle.


Toss small, baby potatoes with olive oil (enough to coat -say 2-3 tablespoons), salt, pepper, and herbs. I love using fresh rosemary and thyme. If you have large potatoes, cut them up so that each piece is about 1 square inch in size.  Important! If you are using whole baby potatoes with the skin, pierce the skin with a fork.  Otherwise, the potatoes might explode.  I learned this the HARD way in college with a sweet potato.  The whole inside of my toaster oven (pictured above – yes, I am still using the same toaster oven from college), was filled with bright orange . .potato remains.  It was so sad.

Heat in toaster oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes, or until sizzling and cooked.

While baking, stir the potatoes around at least once to ensure even browning.

Enjoy! I did, with a lovely steak dinner “grilled” in the big oven using this awesome method.

Roasted Potato steak dinner

Have a great weekend!

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  1. says

    Nice! I love using our toaster oven. Heats up faster, uses less electricity and doesn’t heat the house up in summer 😀 Potatoes are SO good!

  2. Sakura says

    My oven toaster doesn’t have degrees, but do you know how many watts is equal to 400 degrees please? My oven toaster has 2 settings, 500 or 1000 watts.
    400 seems very hot, do you mean C or F?

  3. tinyurbankitchen says

    Hi Sakura – I would guess that 500 watss would be sufficient. When I say 400, I mean Fahrenheit. Hope that helps!

  4. Julie says

    Our regular oven is broken and we are waiting on our landlord to get us a new one, I just wanted to say that I LOVE your recipes for the toaster oven! I’ve been stuck with microwave and stove top cooking and now I can actually use my toaster oven to bake and know what I’m doing! :) Thanks!

  5. jentinyurbankitchen says

    Thanks! You can actually cook LOTS of stuff in the toaster oven. I’ve baked potatoes, roasted squash, baked cookies . . . experiment! :) Hope your oven gets fixed soon.

  6. Steve508 says

    I use my little toaster oven more than the stove. It takes a little practice but everything comes out well, also today as a single guy i use that croc pot quite often as well, things have changed quite a bit from the 60s with plenty of new recipies to make includeing lasagna, give them both a try!!! Happy eating!!!

  7. says

    I’m an American in Taiwan, and large conventional ovens are practically unheard of here, so everything must be baked/roasted in a toaster oven. Thanks for sharing this recipe; I’m going to try it tonight.

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