Tiny Urban Tidbits #5 – My Astronaut Husband

Space Ship
There’s a term in Chinese used to describe businessmen whose families live in the US but who have businesses in Asia, and thus are always flying back and forth. Tai kong ren is a play on words because it sounds both like the word for “astronaut” but also sounds like the words for “No wife” man.

I sometimes feel like I’m married to one of those “astronauts.” Bryan travels a lot for work, and most of it involves airplanes.  In fact, my astronaut reached a big milestone last week.
Million Miler

That’s right. He became a million miler on American Airlines. No, he did not get to talk to the pilot, nor did he receive a special black card with his name on it.  They did, however, announce it during the monumental flight.

There are some perks to “being yoked to Executive Platinum” (as my friend likes to put it). He has so many miles that you can both fly to Asia for free, First Class.
First Class Dining AA
In First Class you get 2 seats: one for you, one for your Totoro.
First Class AA
But of course, you pay the price by having him away from home, a lot.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to Bryan in celebration of his Million Miles.

Bryan often will take food photos for me on his many trips. Join me as we take a brief culinary tour around the world, experiencing all different kinds of cuisines from the various continents that Bryan has visited.

An assortment of desserts from Israel.Peking Duck

Peking Duck from Beijing, China.
Xiao Long Bao from Shanghai
Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings) from Shanghai, China.
Sichuan Meal in China
A fiery hot Sichuan meal from China.
Chinese meal
A Chinese Family Style FEAST from Taipei, Taiwan.
Sushi in Japan
Fresh sushi from Tokyo, Japan.
Korean BBQ in Korea
Korean BBQ from Seoul, Korea.
Ramen in Hong Kong
A hot bowl of ramen from Hong Kong.
Ham, Toast, and a Poached Egg in Australia
Ham, bacon, and a poached egg on top of toast from Sydney, Australia.
Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London
A burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London, UK. [heh, I actually took this picture because I went with him to London during his business trip]
Momofuku Pork Belly Buns
Momofuku Pork Belly Bun from New York City, USA.
Bryan Travels
The World Traveler himself.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Someday I may post more pictures and write detailed posts for some of them. Until then, enjoy these pictures! Have a great weekend.

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  1. quarrylanefarms says

    Awesome. Keep up the photography as it makes our line chefs drool.

    Congrats to Totoro and the World Traveler.

  2. jessicaLBinder says

    Aww. I am so jealous of all the delicious looking food…maybe I should have chosen a traveling job. =/ Grass is always greener on the other side?

  3. says

    Oh this is sooo interesting! I didn’t know your husband is such a traveler…what kind of job is that? I want his job, lol. It sucks that your husband isn’t always with you…but what a perk to be able to fly first class!

    Is ramen famous in HK? Never knew that…I hope he also got to try stinky tofu! :-)

  4. Cassiana says

    What a fun post! The various food pics are really great. He takes good pictures!

    Congrats to the husband!

  5. Old Car says

    Million miles are just on AA. When he was a student, he used about 150,000 miles of my miles flying across the US. I guess he developed his love of flying (not as a pilot).
    Old Car

  6. tinyurbankitchen says

    I’m not sure if ramen is particularly famous in HK, but I think HK has a lot of good Chinese street food in general, right? You probably know better than I do since you were just there!

    Bryan’s a product manager, so he’s often flying to visit customers, go to conferences, give talks, etc.

  7. tinyurbankitchen says

    Yeah, grass is greener on the other side. These trips were crazy trips, where he would literally spend one or two days in each country before flying to another. It’s actually quite tiring!

  8. says

    no black card?? bummer! i can only imagine how tiring all the travelling is! glad you’ve been able to accompany him on some of the trip s:)

  9. says

    What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they
    recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the
    too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to
    the next crazy venture beneath the skies.


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