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This Friday at 8PM is the premier of Gordon Ramsey’s reality drama “Kitchen Nightmares” on FOX.  Although I normally never talk about TV on this blog (in fact, I hardly ever watch TV, too busy with all my other activities!), I will most definitely be tuning into this show on Friday.


Well, I was there.

That’s right.  This past summer, Chef Ramsey decided to do his magic on a struggling Italian restaurant in Boston’s North End. The sequence of events surrounding this restaurant’s “make-over” will span two weeks, and seems to promise all the drama that typically accompanies Ramsey’s shows (yelling, crying, more yelling . . etc.)
I was invited to attend the re-launch dinner while it was being filmed in Boston.  Along with a few friends, I had dinner on the very first relaunch night at La Galleria 33. It was a bit surreal, surrounded by endless cameramen, harried staff, and Chef Ramsey himself.

I’ll write a more detailed post about the entire experience a little later. For now, I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to tune in.

There’s no guarantee I’ll be on the show. Like with most shows, I “signed my life away” on those waiver forms essentially letting them do whatever they want with the footage that they took.

I’m a bit nervous about how they’ll portray everything, but I promise that my follow up post will be a completely honest rendition of what I thought the evening was like.

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    I saw the episode but it was a two parter and they didn’t get to the relaunch yet. There was a shocking part where the head chef dropped chicken on the floor and simply picked it up and started cooking it up for a customer…right in front of Gordon Ramsay too 0_o.

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