Table 10 (Emeril LaGasse)

This is part 4 of the Winter in Vegas Series. Other posts in this series include The Wicked Spoon and Il Mulino.

Table 10 is named after a very significant table.

“Table 10” was the table at Emeril LaGasse’s original flagship restaurant in New Orleans where staff meetings were held, menus were created, and new ideas were born.

Table 10 opened in Las Vegas in 2008 and focuses on French/Creole cooking with an emphasis on market-fresh produce.

Out of all of the famous chefs represented in Las Vegas, this was one of the last ones we had yet to try. We had already hit many of the famous “household name” TV chefs (Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Rick Moonen) as well as other famous Michelin-award winning chefs (Thomas Keller, Joel Robuchon, Jose Andres, Charlie Palmer, and Wolfgang Puck).

We were at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). It was lunchtime. We were already viewing exhibits at the Venetian. We were hungry.

Since we’d already tried several other restaurants in the vicinity (Mario Batali’s Enoteca de San MarcoSushi Samba, and Bouchon Bistro), we decided try something new.
Emirile LaGasse Table 10 in Las Vegas
The space inside is really neat. There’s a huge open kitchen that diners who sit at the bar can watch all night long.

The service was good. Bread came right away and our server was friendly and very enthusiastic about the food. He immediately recommended the special soup of the day, a corn and lobster bisque ($9), saying that he had tasted it earlier and thought it was insanely good.
The corn bisque was indeed sweet, flavorful, and very, very rich. The lobster was a nice addition, and overall the soup was solid, though a bit too rich for my tastes. It didn’t come close to the best corn soup I’ve ever had from one of my favorite restaurants in Boston.
Feeling like something light, I ordered the Frisée, a frisée salad  tossed in a red wine vinaigrette with a poached Glaum Farm egg, a mini brioche, and North Country apple smoked bacon with shaved Parmesan Reggiano. This salad was only $11, a refreshingly reasonable price for the Strip. The egg was perfectly poached, and the rest of the ingredients were overall solid, though I found the red wine vinaigrette to be a bit too acidic.

I do appreciated how the menu tries to tells you the source of all the ingredients. Market fresh indeed.

Since Emeril is known for his New Orleans style southern cooking, Bryan had to order at least one signature dish. He ordered the Slow Cooked Pork Po-Boy ($15), a perfectly satisfying and tasty sandwich with slow cooked pork in a molasses barbecue sauce and cole slaw. Natural cut fries came on the side.

General Thoughts
The meal was solid, reasonably priced, and the overall experience fine. I wouldn’t call it a destination-worthy restaurant, (there are so many other much more interesting similarly priced places to enjoy). However, if you’re hungry and in a pinch, it’s a perfectly fine place to enjoy a quick lunch.

Now, back to CES! (can you find Bryan?)

Table 10
The Palazzo
3327 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 2900
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    That restaurant is looks beautiful, relaxing and elegant! And as what you have said in your post we can really assure that the foods are clean and that is one thing that the  customers will like, right?

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