Spicy Potato Bacon Bites + Giveaway

It’s been a long week.

I an in the midst of preparing for my trip to China this Friday (!!). I’ve never been to China, so I’m super excited about the trip. However, that also means that things have been absolutely crazy around here as I wrap up stuff for work, church, and Tiny Urban Kitchen.

So here I am, past midnight, finally writing the post about this giveaway that I’ve been planning on hosting for awhile. I really should go to bed, as the cough is still lingering. Thankfully, the doctor gave me some cough medicine with codeine, so I think I’ll have no trouble sleeping tonight. 😉

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Saucy Mama about a recipe contest they were holding. Of course, the contest involves developing a recipe using one of their sauces. The best part about the contest? They sent the contestants six bottles of their most popular sauces to try! Better yet, they sent me another six bottles for me to give away.

After being inspired by the most amazing hash browns I’ve ever had, I decided to do my own twist on it. This version is much simpler, and is really easy to make. The hot wing sauce adds the kick to the bacon & potatoes, while the added mayonnaise adds a bit of creaminess and moisture. I added a small amount of sugar just to temper the saltiness of the potatoes and the hot sauce. The amount is really personal preference – some people (like me) like sweet sauces while others (like Bryan) hate it.

Spicy Potato Bacon Bites
12 small Yukon gold potatoes, sliced into 1/5 inch slices
6 strips of bacon
1 stalk of scallions, finely chopped
1 T Saucy Mama’s Hot Wing Sauce
3 T mayonnaise
Sugar to taste

Cook bacon over medium heat until the fat is rendered and the bacon is crispy (about 10 minutes). Remove bacon and set aside on paper towels. Pan fry the potatoes in the bacon fat for about 10 minutes, flipping occasionally until they are browned on both sides.

In a separate bowl, combine Saucy Mama’s Hot Wing Sauce, mayonnaise, and sugar to taste. To assemble, layer the potato with the bacon and a dab of sauce. Sprinkle scallions on top for garnish. You can stack the potatoes and bacon to make them as tall as you wish.

I have 6 bottles of Saucy Mama sauce to give away to one lucky winner. The flavors are:

Sweet Onion Marmalade
Lime Chipotle Marinade
Hot Wing Sauce
Jalapeno Stuffed Olives
Cracked Pepper Marinade
Chipotle Mustard

To enter the contest, please leave a comment below telling me what you think I should eat when I go to China. Giveaway ends this Friday at noon. Good luck!


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  1. Alain says

    thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! if you’re in Shanghai, street food is a must! a couple of recommendations include going to the famous street food row near Xi Men subway stop and getting the Jian Bao from Yang’s. Jian Bao is what we call the slightly bigger xiao long bao with thicker skin that has been pan fried. Also near Jing An Si is a famous shop selling Rou Bing, which are these delicious pastries almost in the shape of a small mooncake filled with incredibly tender and moist meat filling. Lastly, the roasted chestnuts are an absolute favorite of mine and are usually sold outside of snack shops. Grab a bag and peel them while there still hot and popping.

  2. says

    Have a safe trip! Oh my gosh, I bet the food in China is amazing – any noodle soup dish would work for me – as long as its spicy!

    Oh, and I want that lime chipotle sauce, so pick me! 😀

  3. Mofei says

    i’ve lived in china for 9 years! and the thing i miss the most is stinky tofu (the black kind not the white ones). i’m not sure you’d find them in beijing or shanghai, but if you end up in anhui, definitely try them out! soooo goood!

    and also peking duck is delicious! there is one store (the original peking duck was created here) in beijing called “quan ju de”. try it out if you can!

    if you go to szchuan, eat their spicy hot pot. they are famous for it. and also this pork kidney dish which is absolutely superb!

    if you go up north, to like dongbei, they have really good pork stew with vermicelli. and also famous for their noodle dishes (the north is generally really good with noodles or flour based products).

    if you go to xi’an, they have this dish with buns soaked in lamb soup. really really good and really really famous.

    feel free to contact me if you want more recommendations. i can go on and on and on about food!

  4. Yin says

    Haven’t been to China before (only Hong Kong), but I’m going to assume it’s similar. You should go out at night for the night stands. I’m pretty sure they have it there — the night life is amazing. Crowds and fried food and all that, but it’s an experience! You should try the stinky tofu if it’s available. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it (yet), but it’s supposedly very good.

  5. Funandfearlessinbeantown says

    These bites look DELICIOUS! Have a great time in China and I hope you will write at least one post about Chinese street food!

  6. says

    Ohhhh, have fun in China! That is so crazy exciting. I hope you’re going to post pictures of your trip! Make sure you eat everything and anything and try things that you’ve never even heard of before! Safe travels and have so much fun!

  7. says

    ooh, these little bites look awesome :) wow, china–how exciting!! i’ve never been, nor have i been exposed to authentic chinese, so i don’t really know what to tell you to eat… except something new every day! Can’t wait to hear about your travels!!

  8. says

    Lots of dim sum. It was the best!! Also, glutonous rice noodles are particularly delicious in China (every time I’ve tried them in the States they’ve been rubbery).
    Have so much fun!!!!!

  9. Mahoneyhaus says

    Don’t know what part of China you are going — Beijing/Beijing Roast Duck, Shanghai/too many to list. Wherever you go, ask the local and try everything you can. Be brave and just try everything! When you are tired of Chinese, try their version of western food. Eager to hear your experience there! Have a fun trip!!

  10. CeeBee says

    I’m not all too familiar with authentic Chinese cuisine, so I’ll leave that recommendation to those more knowledgeable. But when I travel, I love to try the local interpretations of some American favorites. Obviously results vary, but sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised. I also love to check out food markets and grocery stores to see what’s available.

  11. burp_excuzme says

    Deep-fried scorpion and starfish!

    Haha, just kidding. But please try some xiao long baos…and ee-fu noodles…and baozi…and zongzhi…and their McDs, just to see what’s different! 😉

  12. Wasabiprime says

    Aw, feel better little Kitchen Darling – I feel your coughy pain; been battling a cold as well and as the French would say, it le stinks. OK, so that’s not what they would say, but I hope you got a little smile out of it. I love the fancy stacking of delicious tastiness, by the way! 😀

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