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Ciuri Ciuri Pasticceria Gelateria Siciliana


This is the fourth post in the Spontaneous Weekend Trip to Rome Series. Other posts in this series include: Dal Paino Pizzeria in Rome, Etabli, and Il Convivio. Before this trip to Rome, I was woefully ignorant when it came to Italian cuisine. As a kid, my understanding of Italian food was quite simply spaghetti with red sauce,…

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Per Se

Oysters and Pearls

It’s an oasis at the top of the Time Warner building. Down below, it’s chaotic. Yellow taxis circle frantically around Columbus Circle dropping off harried guests. Pedestrians with a purpose walk quickly toward their destinations, while cars honk their horns impatiently. It sort of looks like this. But up here, it’s quiet, relaxing, and sort of…

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