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Ciuri Ciuri Pasticceria Gelateria Siciliana


This is the fourth post in the Spontaneous Weekend Trip to Rome Series. Other posts in this series include: Dal Paino Pizzeria in Rome, Etabli, and Il Convivio. Before this trip to Rome, I was woefully ignorant when it came to Italian cuisine. As a kid, my understanding of Italian food was quite simply spaghetti with red sauce,…

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Per Se

Oysters and Pearls

It’s an oasis at the top of the Time Warner building.¬†Down below, it’s chaotic. Yellow taxis circle frantically around Columbus Circle dropping off harried guests. Pedestrians with a purpose walk quickly toward their destinations, while cars honk their horns impatiently. It sort of looks like this. But up here, it’s quiet, relaxing, and sort of…

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