Pierre Hermes Macaron

The Ispahan macaron is a heavenly pastry which consists of the heavenly marriage of three flavors: rose, lychee, and raspberry. This article by Serious Eats gives an excellent overview.

I absolutely love this macaron, having tried my first one in Paris in 2005. I paid close to 15 Euros for the macaron (at a cafe), but it was totally worth it.

When I went to Japan in April, I again stumbled upon a Pierre Hermes bakery in the basement of one of the fancy department stores in Japan. Since it was “only” about $8 each, I quickly snapped one up to enjoy later in my hotel room. :)

Recently, a friend expressed interest in trying to making macarons together some time. I found this recipe for the Ispahan macaron. Unfortunately, it looks a bit too daunting for my first macaron, so perhaps I’ll try something much easier, such as this or this. Also check out Joy’s post, which details how difficult it can be to make these things!

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