“Piattini” means small plate in Italian, and that is the concept behind this “wine cafe.” Piattini offers many types of dishes in small portions, so you can try many different things. It’s like the Italian version of tapas or dim sum.

We were super fortunate to land one of the seven outside patio tables facing Newbury Street. We went around 5:30pm on a Saturday night. We noticed that even at 6pm, there were still tables available, although they quickly filled up.

The portions of the small plates are actually quite generous, and someone with a small appetite could be pretty content just getting one small plate as an entree. But of course, it’s much more fun to share and try many different dishes, right? Here is what we shared.

 Arugula salad $6.95 (small plate portion)
seasoned, chopped fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, arugula, Parmigiano-reggiano, and lemon-oil dressing

This dish was a simple dish but well done. The lemon oil dressing was subtle – not too tart – which was good because the artichoke hearts added tartness to the dish. Over all, I enjoyed this dish a lot.

 Gnocchi 7.95 (small plate portion)
Spinach gnocchi, tomatoes, pesto cream sauce

The homemade spinach gnocchi had good texture. We both felt the dish was quite undersalted and had to ask for some salt. After adding just a few dashes of salt, the dish tasted much better. Over all, it’s decent, but I’ve had better gnocchi dishes.

Melanzane Affumicate 9.95 (small plate portion)
Layered eggplant, smoked mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, truffle cream sauce

This was Bryan’s favorite dish in terms of flavor, and it was also recommended by the waitress. The mozarella added a nice smokiness to the dish. Unfortunately for me (a HUGE truffle lover), I could not really taste the truffle flavor in the cream sauce. Again, I thought it was fine but not particularly impressive.

Melito 16.95 (dinner portion)
Homemade tomato fettuccine, sundried tomato, artichoke, white wine sauce

This was my favorite dish. The homemade tomato fettucine was really unique and unlike anything I had ever had before. It was bright red an really tasted tomato-ey. That’s the best way I can describe it. It was slightly tart and just really tomato-ey. And, because the pasta was homemade, it had the characteristic chew that homemade pasta has. Really enjoyable dish.

Over all, the food was alright. I like the concept of small plates and good wines. Part of me wishes I loved the dishes more, but maybe I just need to go and try other dishes. I definitely want to go back and try some of their other dishes, such as the homemade fusilli with Bolognese or some of the interesting ravioli small plates.

Right now, as for Newbury Street Italian places, I think I like the flavors at Bottega Fiorentina better. However, it’s hard to resist homemade pastas and small plates. I’ll definitely be back.

226 Newbury Street
Boston, MA
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