Max Brenner (Caesars Palace)

This is part 5 of the Winter in Vegas Series. Other posts in this series include The Wicked SpoonIl Mulino, and Table 10.

“Chocolate by the Bald Man” is the peculiar logo for Max Brenner, an Israeli chocolate shop that has now spread to many parts of the world (including Boston just this past year!).

The focus of this chocolatier is not so much on the quality of the chocolate itself as it is on CHOCOLATE as an overall theme. The menu at the shop is filled with a dizzying array of chocolate treats – everything from breakfast (chocolate waffles and crepes) to desserts (chocolate fondue, chocolate shakes, ice cream). and even stranger concoctions (chocolate martinis or chocolate pizza anyone?).

It’s a bit gimmicky, but overall fun, casual, and pretty relaxed.

One fun thing to do is to make s’mores, table side! Even though Bryan usually hates getting his hands dirty, he’s willing to do it once in a blue moon for something worthy.
Max Brenner
It’s definitely something fun to do, though I couldn’t tell from just eating the s’mores whether the chocolate was particularly spectacular (it didn’t strike me as such, but then I’m not a huge fan of s’mores in general).

We also got their signature “hug mug” of hot chocolate, named as such because your hands have to “hug” the mug in order to pick it up. This helps to warm icy hands on a cold winter night. The hot chocolate was  fine, though a bit too sweet for me. It also wasn’t nearly as chocolatey as my all-time-favorite hot chocolate in Boston. I think we drank about half of it but couldn’t finish due to its sweetness.

I see this as a convenient place for friends to gather and hang out for dessert or breakfast. All of their chocolate is kosher, and there are many fun options to try. Inside is a gift shop where you can pick up all sorts of funny chocolate themed gifts (yes, those are the words “aphrodisiac” you see in the background).

Service was slow and spotty when we went. Maybe it’s because we were seated “outside” on the “patio” and thus not in the direct view of the staff. [For those of you who have never been to Vegas, a lot of these casinos have HUGE shopping areas where the ceilings are painted to look like the sky, thus making you feel like you are “outside.”]

Would I visit again? Maybe, but probably not. For other fun chocolate adventures on the Strip, you can always check out the place that serves the $1000 sundae, the largest chocolate fountain in the world, or grab a TKO or chocolate croissant at Thomas Keller’s uber famous bakery.

In my opinion, any of those places are probably much more destination-worthy.

Max Brenner
The Forum Shops At Caesars
3500 S Las Vegas Blvd Ste L03
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    Interesting that you had the same experience that I did. I went to the one in Boston and was totally under impressed. I was trying to branch out from Burdicks – but I guess that just goes to show me! 

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