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Ever since I’ve been married, without fail, we head out to sunny Southern California for the holidays. Most winters, it’s been a great reprieve from the harsh winters that we experience in Boston.

Boston gets dark so early (think pitch black by 4:30PM in the dead of winter),  there’s a part of me that’s secretly glad that I’m always in a region where the sun doesn’t set until around 6PM during the shortest days of the year.

I digress.

This past holiday we again went to Southern California. This time around, we visited Disneyland (riding the new Star Tours ride FOUR TIMES), ate at our favorite Chinese haunts, and checked out a few new exciting places. This next series will highlight some of these fantastic restaurants.

Can you guess where we went?

Our favorite Northern Chinese hole-in-the-wall in Westminster serves gorgeously crispy beef filled scallion pancake rolls, handmade noodles, pot stickers, and many other dishes, all at prices that look like they haven’t changed in over a decade.

Of course I had to stop by my favorite dumpling place.
By visiting this location, I have now visited every single one in the world. Aren’t these cute snowman-shaped TKO‘s?

This highly regarded sushi place only offers omakase and provides one of the most authentic sushi experiences I’ve ever had in the US.

A premium ice cream shop opened by a food blogger?

Molecular gastronomy is prominently featured at this restaurant within a restaurant in Los Angeles.

This is what Christmas in LA is like – sunglasses and no jacket!

Hope you enjoy the next series!

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  1. says

    I felt hungry when I saw your food pics! I am happy to see that there are couples like you who share the same interest when it comes to going out and having fun. Do you have a price list of those sumptuous dishes you just shown here?

  2. Khuyen Nguyen says

    What’s the name of the Northern Chinese hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Westminster? I want to go there. It looks so good!!!

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