A California Christmas

This begins yet another mini-series on delicious eats of Southern California.

Being married to a California native, I have the benefit of getting away from the cold weather in Boston every Christmas to enjoy the bright and warm sunshine, the amazing Asian food, and the great shopping that Southern California has to offer – not to mention the priceless company of family and friends.

With respect to food (this is a food blog, after all), this past trip I enjoyed some old favorites and also some amazing new places.  Everything from casual Taiwanese street food to the highest Michelin rated restaurant in Southern California.  Stay tuned this week for detailed descriptions, impressions, and of course, plenty of photos!

Here is a peek at what is to come!


Soup dumplings from my favorite dumpling restaurant in the world. Will the Southern California outpost match up to the original restaurant in Taiwan?
Deliciously chewy boba matched with high quality tea – this tea place in Cerritos is our favorite place to hang out late at night.
Probably the best sushi in Little Tokyo and arguably among the best sushi in LA – how would this compare to our favorite places in NYC and Tokyo?
Cavier Egg
A signature dishes from one of the most highly rated restaurants in Los Angeles. How will it compare to the other two Michelin rated restaurants we’ve tried in New York?

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  1. says

    Looking forward to your new posts!

    It’s 17 freaking degrees in GA right now. I thought I was back in Canada when I woke up this morning

  2. says

    Can’t wait to find out your pick for sushi place in LA. My husband and I travel there once a year. We’re always floored by all the great sushi that can be found there. I’ll definitely have to write your recommendation down for the future.

  3. says

    I LOVE this post! I’m a California native and this is my first winter away from the warm, sunny weather. I’m very excited to follow your finding on the tasty eats of SoCal. I actually grew up in Cerritos too!

    And the soup dumplings look deeeeeelish! I recently discovered this wonderful delicacy from a spot in MAnhattan called Joe’s Shanghai. I’m addicted!

    Thanks for the nostalgic feeling :)

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