Inarizushi and Onigiri

Inarizushi is part of a larger Japanese character based meal titled “Kyaraben on Steroids” featured in August’s Foodbuzz’s 24-24-24. Click here to see the entire meal.

Inarizushi is popular picnic food in Japan. It’s easy to carry, tasty, and healthy.

Sushi rice
Inarizushi tofu skins

You can typically find inarizushi wrappers in Asian grocery stores. Here is a picture of the brand that I used.

Once you open the can, the tofu skins will look like flat squarish sheets. Gently take one out and carefully pry it open. It’s sort of like a pita pocket.

Fill with sushi rice and optionally sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

To make the Totoro shaped sushi, fill with a little less rice than normal and fold down the upper portion. Make 2 small V-shaped cuts as ears. Cut black seaweed into small flat triangles for the belly and also cut out a small diamond for the nose. For his eye you can cut out kamaboko (Japanese fish cake) with a straw (similar to the Totoro rice in this post). Finally, use sesame seeds for eye balls. I find that it’s easier to handle these small pieces of seaweed and sesame seeds with some tweezers!

Totoro Inarizushi

For the sac, fill a tofu-skin halfway full of rice and then tie the top with a bit of scallion. The umbrella is just a small bit of cucumber with a toothpick.


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