Halloween in Japan


Happy Halloween!

I just returned from Tokyo (thankfully right before Hurricane Sandy hit), and was floored by how much they have embraced Halloween. From what I’ve heard, this is a more recent phenomenon.

One thing that surprised me the most was how many high end bakeries have gone crazy with the Halloween theme. It’s something you see less of here in America.

Enjoy some fun photos from my exploration of the high end bakeries at the “depa-chika” (department store basement food halls) at Isetan in Shinjuku, a vibrant area of Tokyo.   Untitled
Yes, that’s a $10 cookie (exchange rates are horrible right now – the US dollar is so weak abroad!)
These have got to be the most elegant witch hats I’ve ever seen.

Custards, called “pudin” in Japanese, are immensely popular in Japan. Right now pumpkin flavored puddings are all the rage.
This one particular “pudin” shop brings in custards from all over Japan.
Fall foliage hits a bit later in Japan, so it was just starting to turn when I was there. I’m sure it will be gorgeous in a couple weeks.
Not exactly pumpkins, but I thought these were gorgeous and a nice way to end this post with a teaser to one of the most incredible dessert carts I encountered in a Japanese restaurant. I’ll post a proper teaser for Japan next week. For now, enjoy the Halloween sweets, and happy trick-or-treating!

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  1. Alvina says

    Every dessert is so pretty!!! :) Oh! I didn’t know Andersen is Japanese… I think we have one here (in the Bay Area)…?

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