Freezing and Cutting Bagels (H&H Bagels in New York City)

H&H Bagels is one of the most famous bagel shops in New York City, if not the world. This bagel shop was founded in 1972 and now churns out over 80,000 bagels a day (all in New York City!). The original location is on the corner of 80th Street and Broadway in the Upper West Side. It’s definitely one of our favorites, and we pick some up bagels from New York City every time we go.

A nice way to preserve these bagels for easy access later is to pre-cut the bagels (preferably with a bagel slicer because it’s safer!) and then freeze them in freezer bags. You can then take individual bagel slices out from the freezer and toast them in the toaster.

The toasted (previously frozen) bagel is surprisingly good; much better than any supermarket frozen bagel, and arguably better than most bagels you find in Boston. We find that the frozen bagels will last several months in the freezer.

Our favorites are the sesame bagel and the everything bagel. YUM . . .

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