Great Eats in Los Angeles with the Family

This is most definitely not the first time Los Angeles has been featured on this blog. After all, Bryan grew up in Orange County, and every Christmas, we go back to the area to visit family, see friends, and enjoy the great weather and food. We’ve gone to Disneyland countless times, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone to Din Tai Fung or South Coast Plaza Mall.

However, I never visited LA as a true tourist. Bryan’s family lives in Orange County, and thus we typically stay around that area during the holidays. If we do go to LA, it’s usually to see a specific friend or family member, not really to see the city.

So this past summer, I finally had a chance to visit LA as a proper tourist with my family. Yep, all six of us – my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, Bryan, and I – met in LA and, over a period of four days, visited some of the most famous sites in the city.

Not surprisingly, I was put in charge of the food.

We definitely enjoyed a great variety of places – from famous, known classics to off-the-beaten-path delightful finds. Here’s a sneak preview of where we went, with posts to follow! Fennel Sausage Pizza
Seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had on the west coast – founded partly by one of Bryan’s favorite chefs and one of the Project Food Blog judges.
Peruvian Fish
Japanese food with a Peruvian twist – the first restaurant of a very famous Japanese chef whose food is heavily influenced by South America.
Uni Spaghetti
Uni Spaghetti and other fun, Japanese-Western fusion dishes at this off-the-beaten-path hidden find in a strip mall in Cypress, a city 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles.
Beef roll
Probably the most famous “beef roll” in Southern California, and definitely the best one I’ve ever had.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts as we explore some great eats in the Greater Los Angeles area!

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