Giveaway! 2 tickets to Coppa brunch this Sunday

Clio cod
Cod from Ken Oringer’s restaurant Clio


Congratulations to A.M. who won the giveaway!

A.M. said:

this sounds ah-mazing. I want to go so badly. i am drooling over the pictures of this place

Thanks all for playing!

Last minute giveaway!

Are you free this Sunday May 6th 11AM – 1PM?

Do you want 2 tickets to a brunch at Coppa, cooked by Chefs Ken Oringer & Jamie Bissonnette?

It’s crazy – you’ll also get the following:

  •  a free Keurig® Single Cup brewing system and a 12-ct box of Barista Prima Coffeehouse® coffee K-Cup® packs (to be shipped after event to all event attendees, value $190)
  • Bottomless Fantinel Prosecco
  • European-inspired brunch cocktails
  • Uber transportation to and from event (yes they will pick you up at home, bring you there, and then drive you home)
  • Postagram photo and postcard
  • Live music performed by local musicians affiliated with Zumix
Sounds pretty fantastic. I wish I could go, but I’ll be at church and then serving at the Boston Rescue Mission Sunday afternoon.

Comment below (say anything! maybe tell me about yourself. I’d love to get to know my readers) and I’ll do the drawing TONIGHT at midnight.


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  1. Angela Goff says

    This sounds AMAZING! I’d love to go! A little about myself – I’m 28, live near Davis Square, enjoy running and biking, and desperately want to buy a puppy. :) 

  2. says

    Congrats on your most recent award, Jen!

    I would love to go to brunch on Sunday, sounds fantastic. And to take transportation instead of the red-to-orange line? Amazing!

  3. Amanda W. says

    My boyfriend and I went here on our first date (sat at their cute sidewalk tables) and haven’t been back in the year and a half we have been dating.  Would love to go for brunch!

  4. Sue H. says


    Hmm, my favorite food is pho (I’m Vietnamese — so that’s a given) and it was fun to see your inspired take on it. Those spheres remind me of popping boba that you can sometimes get with your froyo hehe.

  5. Julie Babyatzky says

    That sounds fantastic! I’ve never been to Coppa but would LOVE to go! So a little about me, I’m Julie — a 23-year-old New Yorker turned Bostonian, nonprofit staffer, avid yelper and zumba lover! :)

  6. The Missing L says

    Congrats on the Saveur award!  Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette are two of my favorite chefs in Boston.  Since I’m moving to NY soon, I hope I get a chance to try their cooking again!

  7. Elizabeth says

    This sounds wonderful! And I can’t wait to get a molecular gastronomy kit for one of my best friends who just paid an arm and a leg to go to the El Bulli dinner at Next in Chicago!

  8. says

    This is too good to be true! I had to reread the list 3 times just to absorb it all… I love savory brunch but sweet breakfast, its a very weird distinction but that’s how I operate!

  9. Halley says

    This is too good to be true! I had to reread the list 3 times just to absorb it all. I love savory brunch but sweet breakfast. It’s a very weird distinction but that’s how I operate!

  10. Rwilley says

    I would love to go (FWIW, I have the same molecular gastronomy kit as you.  I’ve been having fun making chili oil powder)

  11. Alphasoup2 says

    I’m posting on behalf of my daughter nina who is going through the last weeks of senior year in college – she could use winning something about now…

  12. Elizabeth Simmerman says

    Sounds amazing!  Husband and I love to attend!  I plan to run 6 miles on Saturday to prepare and have room for the calories!

  13. Hankumjr says

    Just found out about your blog from the delightful Mary Catherine Deibel’s FB page!    So glad I did. . . . 

  14. says

    This sounds awesome. I’m just home from a long business trip, and about to take another one. I think this would be a great way to spend my small break inbetween.

  15. Denisechow says

    great giveaway! your blog is always fun and interesting to read… esp about different restaurants you’ve tried!

  16. Shanying Cui says

    I’ve been meaning to go to Coppa for while now! Something about me…hmm… I am also an MIT alum (course 5). I live in Central and am currently doing my PhD at the “other” school down Mass Ave :) My boyfriend (’09 Course 6 and 21M) are huge fans of your blog since we love to go out and eat at the same restaurants. 

  17. caromk says

    You have a fantastic blog – I am constantly sending my friends to it to check out your recipes, reviews, and great photography. It’s helped me as a West Coast transplant get to know the Boston food scene. Also, I really appreciate what you’ve done for the Boston Rescue Mission. 

  18. Ashleyhatfield says

    oOo!!  My partner and I always feel guilty about trying cocktails, because since we don’t really drink much, even together we rarely finish anything.  But we really like trying things!  This sounds like the *perfect* no guilt way to try all sorts of things!!!

  19. Ben Roberts says

    This sounds absolutely amazing! It’s one of those brunch spots i’ve wanted to try but college in the Hudson valley prohibits casual Brunch outtings. (Boston.Com gave it a great review – their brunch – too). Congratulations on winning the Saveur award too! Your blog is without a doubt one of my favorites and certainly a Boston food-scene treasure!

  20. Leah says

    I finally tried your reverse sear steak recipe – it was awesome, and I will never cook indoor steaks any other way!

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