Food Photogaphy & Styling Workshop at BAASIC

What a whirlwind weekend!
On Saturday I hopped across the river to Boston University to give a food photography workshop at BAASIC 2012, an annual conference put on by the Boston Asian American Student Intercollegiate Coalition (BAASIC).  I was thrilled to meet people from so many different schools all over, such as West Point, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, Northeastern, Clark, Simmons, Tufts, and more!

I spent about 30 minutes giving an educational presentation about basic food photography techniques. For a summary of the talk, check out my post on ITASA at Georgia Tech, where I gave a very similar presentation.

Then, I put them to work!
UntitledWe took a very difficult-to-style dish, Taiwanese meat sauce over rice, and tried our best to make it look as pretty as possible.

Check out their creations after the jump, and vote on facebook for your favorite!

Students took to heart my strong suggestion promoting the use of natural light, flocking to the windows to take their photos.
I gave them all sorts of props and tools, such as different colored plates, Asian bowls, colorful sheets of paper, and various types of utensils.
Of course I also provided some standard garnish, such as cilantro, scallions, and a few sauces. But that was it! 
Here are the results of the students’ hard work. I think there were six teams, and I seem to only have five different dishes on my camera, so I’m not sure what happened to the 6th one. I did find a candid picture that seems to include the 6th one, so I’ve included that picture at the end. Please enjoy these photos, and vote on facebook for your favorite!
A classic but beautiful presentation.
Check out that creative artistic swirl with the Sriracha sauce.
Nice use of contrasting colors!
BAASIC food styling workshop
I don’t think this group took a picture with my camera, but I found this picture on my camera.
I regret I did not have a chance to take pictures of all the groups (it was a bit crazy with everyone running around trying to style their dishes in the very crowded classroom), but I managed to catch a few.

Thanks again to all who came to my workshop. It was fun teaching you all a litte about what I do, and (of course), playing with food together.

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