Clio beet strip
It’s been years since I’ve actually gone out to a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day.  Bryan and I live in the city, and thus we have ready weeknight access to popular restaurants.  So why fight the crowds when we don’t have to?  We learned our lesson early in our marriage.  Our first Valentine’s Day together as a couple, we foolishly decided to walk out to Harvard Square and just show up at Finale (one of the most popular fancy dessert places in Boston) on Valentine’s Day.  Ha!  Guess what?  We ended up wandering aimless around Harvard Square that night, looking for a bite to eat.

So it’s unusual, but this year, on February 14th, right on Valentine’s Day AND Chinese New Year, Bryan and I actually enjoyed a nice meal out.  We snagged a last minute early reservation at Clio, a place we’ve been meaning to try for some time now.  We enjoyed a nice, relaxing, and exquisite meal along with an amazing bottle of wine.

Join me in pictures as we re-live Clio’s special Valentine’s Day dinner.

Clio pre soup pouring
A beautiful soup of tiny, perfectly cut potatoes, savory croutons, celery veloute
Clio pouring soup
The soup was smooth, velvety, and wonderfully fragrant.
Clio soup
I loved the contrast of the creamy soup, the crunchy croutons, and soft potatoes.
Clio cod
This cod had the most perfect texture -I swear it must have been sous-vide.  So soft and tender, perfectly cooked throughout.  The fruit-flavored sauce was interesting, though maybe not my favorite.
Clio beef
Look at the exquisite detail!  Down to the single Brussels sprout and chestnut sitting on the end of the pork belly.  This dish was creative, interesting, and fun to eat.
Clio lobster
The lobster tail was huge!  This dish was executed well, although the flavors were not particularly exciting.  We both agreed that the beef dish was more interesting.
Kosta Browne
This wine is beautiful.  It was #4 on Wine Spectator’s top 100 wines and has a Wine Spectator rating of 95.  It’s an absolutely beautiful wine, with tons of fruit yet full bodied at the same time.  Not a hint of bitterness or astringency.  I loved it.
Clio chocolate dessert
I often don’t love dessert at these fancy restaurants, but this one was actually quite enjoyable.  I loved the deep, rich chocolate truffles (complete with a glittering peanut butter sauce on right!).  Even though I don’t like bananas, the banana ice cream was subtle, creamy, and quite good.
Clio gelee
Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s to 8 1/2 years of marriage.  :)

370a Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215
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  1. says

    hmmm what a lovely dinner date… exquisite indeed! everything looks mouthwatering I especially want the cod, and the belly, and the dessert… wait didn’t i say everything? haha!

  2. says

    What a great Valentine’s Day meal. Kosta Browne is hard to get a hold of. I’ve been on their wait-list for three years, and finally received an allocation of three bottles. Great that you didn’t have to wait on the list for a taste.

  3. says

    This meal is beautiful! I love reading your blog for Boston eats, despite the fact that I am a poor student who needs to hurry up and graduate from her expensive university so that she can afford to actually eat out. Your pictures are gorgeous, and do the meal justice.

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