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I’ve always loved thin crust pizzas, and I’ve been so excited lately as we have been getting more and more wonderful options in our neighborhood.  Cambridge 1 has actually been in Harvard Square for at least a few years.  Started by the same guys who own Miracle of Science, Cambridge 1 is a smart, hip pizza joint that serves pizzas grilled over a coal fire.
Arugula Salad
arugula, shaved parmigiano, extra virgin olive oil, lemon ($8)

For the location and the quality of the food, the prices aren’t bad.  Typically Bryan and I will share the arugula salad, which is simple, fresh, and just plain good. 
Corn and Lobster Pizza
Maine lobster, corn, scallion, parmigiano, lemon butter ($13 half/ $24 whole)

Bryan always gets the Maine lobster and corn pizza, which is delicious.  You really only need to get a half pizza (pictured above) – the portions are pretty generous.
Tomato, Fontina Cheese Pizza
tomato, fontina, romano, garlic, basil = $7 half / $13 full

I love the #1, the simple Marguerita-like pizza.  The crust is nice and thin and crispy while the tomatoes provide a juicy contrast.  I actually thought the crust for my pizza was better than the crust for the lobster pizza, which was slightly soggy and weighed down by all those rich ingredients!  I love simplicity, and this pizza satisfies me everytime.

I really love this place, and so do many others.  On weekends, you may have to wait before being seated.  It’s worth it though!

Cambridge 1
27 Church St
Cambridge, MA 02138
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