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Beacon Hill is the probably THE most expensive neighborhood in Boston.  It’s where Senator John Kerry and Todd English live.  It’s where John F. Kennedy lived before he became president.  The charming intimate neighborhood is filled with brick and brownstone homes with real gas lamps lining the streets.

Not only that, this quaint neighborhood is in an awesome location.  It is a short walk from the Public Garden, Boston Common, the Charles River, Newbury Street (high end shopping), a subway stop on the Red Line, and Charles Street, which is filled with cute artisan shops, locally owned restaurants, and a lovely little market.
heirloom melon, boston bibb salad
Boston Bibb Lettuce, Heirloom Melon, Hearts of Palm, and Goat Cheese with Tarragon 9
Because rents are so high in Beacon Hill, it’s natural to expect that prices, from a toothbrush at the local drugstore to high end dining, will be significantly higher.

I had to keep this in mind as we visited Beacon Hill Bistro.  This restaurant sits on the first floor of the Beacon Hill Hotel right on Charles Street, the cute street lined with small shops, a local market, and restaurants.
Fresh Maine Crab over Heirloom Keener Corn Grits, with Oregano and Sorrel 14
We had a coupon from, which lessened the blow. 

Our over all impression? We thought some of the dishes were excellent, while others were mediocre and seemingly overpriced.  I had the Boston Bibb lettuce salad (pictured above), which was fine.  Nothing particularly special, but it was nice. 

The fresh Maine Crab, on the other hand, was really good – definitely the best item we had that night.  The sauce had a rich lobster flavor that went really well with the corn grits.  Delicious.
Cavattapi with chicken
House-Made Pappardelle, Braised Chicken, Bacon, and Brussels Sprouts, Olive Oil Toasted Breadcrumbs 24
I was quite disappointed with the pappardelle.  I guess it was OK, but tasted pretty ordinary for the price tag.  I really think it was not even as good as the pasta at Basta Pasta Enoteca or Bottega Fiorentina, which cost a lot less.
Pan seared scallops with zucchini
Special of the day: Pan seared scallops with zucchini in a white wine sauce
The scallops were pretty tasty and well executed.  No complaints about this dish.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure the prices affected my over all impression of the place.  If I feel that a meal is overpriced, I begin to think more critically (and often negatively) of the food.  I adjust my expectations according to how much I pay for the meal.  If it’s expensive, I expect it to be really good.  But, as I said earlier, I need to remember that rents are super high in this area, and thus I really should factor that into the prices of the dishes.
Beacon Hill Bistro
I guess if you’re in the area, this is not a bad place to visit. The food can be quite good depending on what you order, though I would not call this a “destination”-worthy restaurant.

They do have a nice Sunday night special menu with pretty recession-friendly prices.  They also have a fun “Wine & Dine Mondays” dinner where you can enjoy a prix fixe menu with 4 wine pairings for $55.

Beacon Hill Bistro
25 Charles St
Boston, MA 02114
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  1. says

    I rarely venture out to Beacon Hill, which is a shame because I live right in Kenmore Square. When I do walk around the area, I am reminded of how quaint and lovely it is!

  2. says

    At first I thought it said Bacon Hill haha anyways…

    I’m guessing they charge (and can) extra because they’re located in an expensive neighborhood?

    We have a neighborhood called Buckhead in Atlanta and I feel that you’re just paying for the ambiance/name/vibe/whatever for many of the restaurants there.

    PS. have I told you how small I feel every time I look through your photos? Have a great Friday Jen!

  3. says

    I’m the same way–the more expensive a place is, the more critical I am of the food–and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, especially when you live in a place where you can get great, tasty, CHEAP food.

    This post made me a little nostalgic–during my short time living in Boston, I had an internship at Beacon Press. It was a beautiful neighborhood, indeed.

  4. says

    Beacon Hill is so lovely, but indeed expensive! I have not been to Beacon Hill Bistro, but I would love to give it a try.
    I do expect more when places are more expensive, and the result is not always worth it!

  5. says

    I must say- you take the most gorgeous photos! I have to say I have had more favorable experiences at Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro, but I can understand the overall impression. Some of their dishes are absolutely amazing and some just so so…

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