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Happy Friday everyone!

I had a wonderful chance to attend a charity breakfast to benefit ATASK (Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence) a few weeks ago. For those of you who many not be familiar with ATASK, ATASK is a Massachusetts-based organization that provides support for Asian families and individuals who suffer from or are at risk of suffering from domestic violence.

This event was held at the lovely Harvard Square restaurant Rialto, definitely one of the best restaurants in the Boston area. Bryan and I personally love having dinner at the bar at Rialto. It’s a great way to enjoy a taste of Rialto (especially on Monday nights when raw oysters are only $1) without breaking the bank.

This breakfast was special, as we got to hear from some really inspirational women.

Jody Adams from Rialto

Jody Adams is the chef-owner of Rialto. She competed (and performed quite admirably) on Top Chef Masters last season. She has been phenomenally successful with her restaurant. She also spends a lot of her time and energy on charity events, especially the organizations she supports, such as Partners in Health. This summer Jody will be biking for 2 entire days in the Pan Mass Challenge in order to raise money for cancer research.

Janet Wu from Channel 7

The host, Janet Wu from Channel 7, asked Jody what inspired her to do so much to give back to the community.

Jody’s answer really made me think. She quoted someone (I wish I could remember, but it went by so fast). Here’s a paraphrase:

We have been given two lives to live. Unlike people in places like Haiti, who spend all of their time and energy just trying to survive, we are abundantly blessed, and in essence have two lives to live. We should use that second “life” to give back and help others.

There’s no question that Jody has done so many things with the second “life” that she’s been given.

Jody Adams and Joanne Chang

Joanne Chang is the pastry chef who founded Flour Bakery and Café as well co-opening Myers + Chang with her husband. Joanne is a super busy woman. Not only does she run three bakeries and a restaurant, she recently published her first book. Despite all that, she has donated countless hours (and baked goods!) to various charity events throughout Boston and beyond.

Finally, Atsuko Fish is the co-founder of the Japanese Disaster Relief Fund in Boston. She has chosen to dedicate her energy to a wide variety of charitable causes. He latest efforts involve looking for ways to help those who suffered from the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan.

The breakfast, of course, was quite pleasant. We had a lovely starter of asparagus antipasti with horseradish aoili, roasted baby beets, and chevril.

The next course was “Gypsy Eggs” – farm fresh, perfectly poached eggs on polenta, spicy cappicola, peppers, tomatoes, and scallions – really perfect food for a women’s breakfast.

Dessert was decadent! Bittersweet chocolate cream, skyr yogurt, fresh berries, and a cookie crisp.

More important things . . .
Honestly, though the meal itself was delightful (I even ran into Fun and Fearless In Beantown there!) the food was quite secondary compared to the content of the morning. Jody Adams’ comment especially touched me deeply. I personally feel really blessed in this world, but only recently have I really been convicted to think about how I can give back more.

I came away from the breakfast inspired, refreshed, and excited to think about what’s next.

Thanks so much to ATASK for giving me the opportunity to attend such a unique event.

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    What an amazing event and organization. The women there are so very inspiring. I, too, ws especially the two lives idea from Jody Adams. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. says

    I just had to say this: Joanne ages REALLY well. I want to look like that when I’m older. Wise, mature, yet strong looking.

    Great event! :-)

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