The Breakfast Club Allston

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If you ever find yourself driving down Western Avenue in Allston, you may notice this cute little 60’s style dining car right on the side of the road.

The Breakfast Club is a family-owned restaurant located right on Western Avenue in Allston, just about a mile from Harvard Square in Cambridge. Owner George Athanasopoulos purchased what had been Harry’s Diner twelve years ago. At that time, Harry’s Diner had been vacant for two years.

George decided to open up a diner after getting tired of working late nights as a DJ.

“I like working mornings.”

It most certainly takes a morning person to do this job. The restaurants opens at the crack of dawn at 6AM and goes strong until 2PM when it closes. The rush occurs mid-morning and doesn’t really die down until close to lunchtime. George cares a lot about quality ingredients. He sources organic cage-free eggs from New Hampshire. Things are made in house, like the scrumptious corned beef hash, jams, and fries. He offers “real maple syrup” with your pancakes, freshly squeezed fruit juices, and and assortment of diner classics with a slight twist.

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Beef Tendon in Chili Sauce


I walked into my local butcher the other day and asked if they sold tendon. “Tendon? In the five years that I’ve worked here, I’ve never had anyone ask for tendon. I’ll have to contact our farm in Maine and find out.” “What do people usually do with the tendon?” “They usually throw it together…

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West Bridge Cambridge – 4 course Seasonal Tasting Menu


Hello spring! Finally!  We finally got to experience “spring-like” weather yesterday with temperatures flirting with the 60’s.  Of course, with that came some lovely intermittent rain showers, but for brief moments, it was glorious to actually feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face. Spring is a time when seasonal menus finally start to come alive…

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