Sushi Miyaki - omakase (Portland, Maine)

>>  Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This is the fourth and final post about our weekend trip to Portland. Other posts in this series include A Summer Weekend in Portland MaineDuck Fat, and Eventide Oyster Company.

Believe it or not, this restaurant was the main purpose I chose to visit Portland out of all the weekend destinations close to Boston.

I'd heard so many great things about it.

The guy I sat next to at the supper club-esque Dining Alternative raved about the food at Sushi Miyaki. The wine guy at Bergamot told me he thought it was the best sushi place in all of New England, including Boston. News articles talked about how the omakase was a steal at $65, especially compared to what else you could get at that price.

Once we had our hotel booked (thanks to Bryan's numerous hotel points!), the first thing I did was to call Sushi Miyaki. I was pleasantly surprised that at the last minute (just a couple days before arrival), I was able to snag a 7:30PM Saturday evening reservation at the sushi bar.

This would never happen in Boston at a place like O Ya or Uni Sashimi Bar, which seem perpetually booked on weekends.

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Eventide Oyster Company (Portland, Maine)

>>  Monday, August 25, 2014

_DSC7855.jpgThis is the third post about our weekend trip to Portland. Other posts in this series include A Summer Weekend in Portland Maine and Duck Fat.

I liked Eventide Oyster Company the moment I walked in the door. It was everything about it: the variety of fresh oysters sitting in ice right at the counter; the colorful chalkboard full of the day's mouthwatering specials; the bright and cheerful space; and the friendly people working there.

We were definitely not alone. _DSC7874.jpg
This is one of the most popular places in Portland, and the waits can be excruciatingly long. Thankfully, they have become pros at estimating time, and they do a good job of trying to move things along. Our wait time was 45 minutes. We killed time by stopping by a local bakery (Two Fat Cats) and eating a slice of delicious Maine blueberry pie (dessert before lunch? I don't see why not!), and then coming back to enjoy a drink at the bar.
I tried the Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA on tap and I loved it.  I now think it is one of my favorite beers all around. Bryan tried several local ones, including the Oxbow Loretta and Allagash Triple (both excellent).

It was close to 2:30PM by the time we got seated.

Our meal was fantastic, and totally worth the wait. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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Duck Fat (Portland, Maine)

>>  Friday, August 22, 2014

_DSC7950.jpg  _DSC7959.jpg 
This is the second post about our weekend trip to Portland. Other posts in this series include A Summer Weekend in Portland Maine.

Portland's the type of city that's perfect for a weekend trip from Boston. It's a little over a hundred miles away, which if there's no traffic (and hrs could be a BIG if), takes less than two hours by car.

As the largest city in Maine, it boasts many of the state's best restaurants. Yet because we're in Maine, It's not an overwhelmingly huge city either. Unlike huge metropolises that would require a week or more to explore, you can easily conquer Portland in a weekend. There's great craft beer, excellent restaurants, and a really good vibe over all. The city is surrounded by ocean on three sides, which means lots of gorgeous views and a plethora of ocean-related activities.
Do any search for best restaurants in Maine or Portland"and there's no doubt that Duck Fat will show up on the list. Duck Fat is the second restaurant for chef-owner Rob Evans, who previously owned (but has now sold) the more upscale and very well regarded Hugo's just down the street.

Opened since 2006, Duck Fat is one of the most popular destinations in the city. In the summer, there is virtually always a line out the door.

On our second day in Portland, we decided to drive back to Portland from Freeport just to eat here. We were prepared to wait, no matter how long it was. Thankfully, after only waiting about 15 minutes, we were pleasantly surprised that they had seats for us at the bar.

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A Weekend in Boston

>>  Monday, August 18, 2014

View from the Boston Tea Party Museum

Happy Monday!

This summer has whizzed by, and I'm already mourning the fact that August is coming to an end. What a summer it's been! After spending an incredible week at the end of June in the Canadian Rockies (still one of my favorite places on earth), we explored New England in July. We took a food-focused trip to Portland, Maine one weekend and spent an extended weekend in Cape Cod and Nantucket with college friends.


I got to be a tourist in my own city of Boston.

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Radisson Giveaway Winners are . . .

>>  Sunday, August 17, 2014


Congratulations to Max Xu (#20) and TheShizzles (#67) for winning the Radisson Giveaway!

Max said, "Oh man, that Trappist ale looks gorgeous. I'd go to San Diego!"

TheShizzles said "Probably California!"

Looks like California is a popular destination! Congratulations.

Thanks everyone for participating!


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