Shojo Boston

Shojo Boston on the first floor of what used to be China Pearl in Chinatown, Boston

Tucked underneath China Pearl, a well-known Chinese restaurant known for its dim sum for as long as I can remember, is a new modern addition to Chinatown that’s unlike any other restaurant in the neighborhood.

Hello Shojo.

Shojo is a restaurant that is pushing the edge of cuisine in Chinatown. Founded by cousins Brian and Brendan Moy, who grew up working at China Pearl, Shojo mixes together influences from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Western style cuisine to form a modern interpretation of Asian fusion that’s fun, creative, and tasty.

The restaurant has already received a ton of recognition, such as Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston “Best Chinatown Restaurant” in 2013, Boston Magazine’s 50 Top Restaurants in 2014, and Eater’s 38 Essential Boston restaurants. In August of 2014, Chef Mark O’Leary (previously from O Ya, JM Curley, and the noodle master maker behind Guchi’s Midnight Ramen), took over as executive chef, adding even more of his creative spin on the menu.

I’ve always been a huge fan of modern Asian fusion, such as David Chang many Momofuku restaurants, Tim Cushman’s O Ya, and anything from Chef Jason Doo. Shoju has always been on my “to try” list, with its reasonable prices and really fun looking menu. One afternoon, as we were thumbing through the Reserve app on our phones trying to find a restaurant for Friday night, we saw Shojo and finally decided to reserve it.

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Mama’s Fish House and the Road to Hana


This is it, my friends. We’ve finally arrived at my favorite restaurant from our entire two-week trip of the Hawaiian islands. Welcome to Mama’s Fish House. Mama’s Fish House was founded by Floyd and Doris Christenson. The couple bought the property in the 1950’s from a friend who needed to sell the property immediately due…

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Sansei Restaurant and Sushi Bar (+ diving!) in Maui


Bryan’s a planner, one of those “J” types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. I’m more of a “P”, the spontaneous, creative type. As a planner, Bryan gets really antsy if all aspects of a trip are not pre-organized, pre-reserved, and pretty much completely laid out in detail. Me, I like to leave bits of time for…

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Lahaina Grill Maui


View of the sunrise as we drove along the coast to our 7AM diving course each morning It’s easy to see why Maui is popular with honeymooners. The island is beautiful and filled with breathtaking scenery, excellent beaches, some of the best dive sites in the state, and some pretty incredible hikes. It’s populated enough that…

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Koko Head Cafe Honolulu


It’s easy to be tempted to stay in the Waikiki Beach area for your meals. After all, traffic in Honolulu is notoriously bad, and the streets around Waikiki Beach are very pedestrian-friendly, lined with all different types of shops and restaurants. It’s a fun area to be in, especially at night. However, if you were to…

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