L’Express Montreal

This is the second post in the Montreal Jazz Festival Weekend series. The first post was an overview of our entire trip.

I’ve met several Europeans who have told me they are drawn to Boston because it is the city that feels most like home to them. For better or for worse, Boston’s cobblestone roads, abundance of rotaries (or “roundabouts” as they call them in Europe), walkability, and architecture make it one of the most European cities in the U.S. The British influence is clear, and Boston really holds true to its “New England” identify.

But what about those Europeans that aren’t British?

Drive up 5+ hours north to Montreal, and in many ways, you will feel like you have entered Paris in North America.
French is the official language in Quebec province (which includes Montreal and Quebec City). Rules dictate that commercial signs must be in French, and if another language is added, its font must be smaller. Children must go to French-language schools unless if the parents can show that they themselves had been raised in English-speaking schools.

The rules definitely make Montreal feel much more French than other parts of Canada.
For visitors like us, it means we get to experience many elements of France without actually flying across the Atlantic – such as, for example, the abundance of authentic French bistros and cafes.

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Serafina Boston


This meal was provided by Serafina The dining scene has changed in Boston over the last several decades. People prefer craft cocktails, small plates, and a more casual atmosphere. They demand an ever-rotating menu of really high quality food, made using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and artisanal ingredients. Out are the white tablecloths, the waiters in tuxedos,…

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New Series! Montreal Jazz Festival Weekend


It’s been over 13 years since I last visited Montreal during the Jazz Festival. I mean, I’ve most certainly visited Montreal in the interim.  My previous job took me there almost annually, allowing me many opportunities to experience the amazing food scene in Montreal. But the Jazz Festival? Not since mid-2002, when Bryan and I were fresh newlyweds….

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Tantris Munich


This is the twelfth and FINAL post in the London & Munich series. Though this post is last, it was actually the first meal we had in Germany after flying in from London. Other posts in this series include The Square, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Exploring London by Foot, Alain Ducasse, Marcus Wareing, Classic Munich Beer Houses: Hofbrauhaus & Wirtshaus, Viktualienmarkt and De…

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