Upstairs on the Square (Soiree Room) - Dinner devoted to Corn!

>>  Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Even though we had just gone to the Monday Club on, heh, Monday, I just had to go back to the Upstairs on the Square (Soiree Room) when I found out that they were having a special dinner devoted to one of my favorite carbs of all time - Corn.

It was called "Dinner Devoted to Our Esteemed Colleague: Corn"

I love corn. I love sweet corn on the cob, I love corn chowder, I love cornmeal (grits - YUM!), I love cornbread. Corndogs, popcorn, corn-flavored jelly beans - I love them all. I just love corn. I'm from Ohio - how could I not love corn? They grew corn a mile from my house growing up. Man, I would even love corn ice cream if they made that.

So, when I found out about this meal, which was only available August 5-7, I just had to go. It's a 4-course tasting for $49 ($75 with wine). We ended up getting the tasting and also a bottle of La Dote, which we got last time we went.

Corn Pudding Terrine, Baby Arugula & Native Radishes
This was delicious - tons of sweet corn flavor in the rich flan contrasted well with the sweet brown mustard sauce and the crisp vegetables.

Creamy Sweet Corn Soup with Spiced Shrimp Fritter

I love corn soup, and this soup was heavenly. I think I was more in the mood for a simple corn soup, so, even though the fritters were really good, I was sort of wishing for more corn soup.

It's OK. The recipe for my favorite corn soup from Craigie on Main is posted on his website! I can't wait to try it!

Steve's Almost Famous Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Grilled Buttered Corn on the Cob, Corn & Sausage Pan Gravy

Oh my - this was probably the best fried chicken I had ever had in my entire life. It was SOOOOO good. The coating was really crunchy and flavorful and the meat was super juicy. Even though I was full I kept picking at the chicken. The corn on the cob and the pan gravy were great too.
Corn Ice Cream on Blueberry Cobbler

Have you ever had corn ice cream? Bryan's comment: "it tastes like corn." It does really taste like corn, and I think it's really yummy. This dish was solid, although not particularly unique except for the corn ice cream.

Over all, the food was fabulous. The atmosphere upstairs is a bit more formal, and the AC was on sort of strong, so I was a bit cold and had to put on my sweater. I was really missing the outdoor seating and the more casual atmosphere that we usually get when we eat at the Monday Club. I would go upstairs again, maybe, if they had really special food (like corn!). Otherwise, at least in the summer, I'll stick with sitting outside at the Monday Club and enjoying excellent food for just a tad less money.
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