Alba White Truffle Fair (Alba White Truffle Festival)

This is the first post in the Around the World Birthday Extravaganza Series. Because there will be many, many posts in this series, I will list all other posts from this series at the bottom of the post.


It is a place that I have dreamt about visiting for years.

I am a huge white truffle fan, and Alba, Italy is the home of the white truffle. I take full advantage of the fact that my November birthday allows me to occasionally indulge in this luxurious treat as a way to celebrate. So yes, I’ve had white truffles here and there, but I always wondered what it would be like to visit Alba, the home of the white truffle.

White truffles are unique because they can’t be cultivated. There’s something magical about the soil, the climate, elevation, and general conditions around Alba that make it one of the only places in the world where white truffles will grow. They grow near the roots of trees in the damp Piedmontese forests, and it takes specially trained dogs to find them.
Truffles only grow for a few months out of the year, starting around September until around December. Furthermore, they don’t keep, so you have to eat them fresh.

My goal was to visit Alba during this special season. I especially wanted to visit the Alba White Truffle Fair, a weekend fair that goes on for six weeks during truffle season.

We barely made it, arriving in Milan International Airport on Saturday, November 14th, the absolutely last weekend of the Truffle Fair. After a 2+ hour drive to Alba city center and then a short drive up a mountain, we arrived at our lovely, lovely hotel….

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I am pleased to partner with Louis Kemp Crab Delights® for this sponsored post “That soup, that soup is amazing. It’s better than what most restaurants make. You could open a restaurant with that soup.” These are pretty powerful words, considering that they came from one of my most critical, food-obsessed friends. This is a friend…

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Grilled Bok Choy (+ our crazy New Years Day meal)


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Little Big Diner Newton – a first look!


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